"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi
Our Work - Consultancy
Sustainability means different things to different people. For us, it is an aspiration to meet the needs of people today without transferring the costs of development to future generations.

As consultants we endeavour to assist our clients developing a shared vision for their sustainability agenda and identify contributions required across all functions and processes in your organisation.

From a human resources perspective organisations have to explore how to incorporate a sustainable approach into programmes for selection and recruitment, competency development and training initiatives, shared decision making, encouraging engagement, effective retention, fair reward, supportive work life balance and transparent monitoring.

Sustainability cannot just be an add-on. It starts with the positioning of a mission that has to be meaningful to all employees. Embedding the right approach that drives the sustainability agenda throughout all functions and processes will show that you can "walk the talk". Planning for this journey will entail to assess existing people strategies and identify how requirements have to change - from attracting talent to release - In order to support the organisation's sustainability strategy now and in the future.

Together with our clients we explore innovative personnel marketing strategies and how to attract and support a mixture of applicants and recruits which reflect the culture of the communities they are operating in. We often find that technical skills can be taught but enthusiasm and initiative cannot.

We assist organisations finding people with great attitude and transferable skills that go beyond execution of a task.

Comprehensive on-boarding strategies help to make new team members feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings. Your new team member will feel more valued, interested and excited the more interesting, fun and exciting their experience of the on-boarding period is. Managing expectations right from the start and reducing "learning the hard way" are part of this process. Successful on-boarding should be personal and less bureaucratic, emphasising relationships rather than paperwork. We can assist in developing programmes that reduce learning times and stimulate a short-hand among your team.

People stay with an organisation when they feel the "psychological contract" is right and they can do what they enjoy in an inspiring responsible work environment. Experiencing fair treatment, a healthy and supportive team atmosphere free of unwanted behaviours as well as exposure to experiential learning opportunities, career progression, ownership of projects or participation in decision making are some of the needs that constitute this contract. Aspirations of various team members will differ depending on the stage of their life and career they are at. In collaboration with your team we develop retention strategies that will respond to your demographics and staff turnover.

People place great value on being able to control their own time and many feel that autonomy in this regard not only makes them happier, but more productive. Well implemented work life policies provide great opportunities for both – organisations as well as for their teams. The most forward looking organisations will see that by putting work life balance at the heart of their culture they will not only create more equitable workplaces but also be able to respond better to 21st century challenges of a working across time boundaries and 24/7 lifestyle. Working Visions Global helps to develop options that abstain from a "presenteeism" culture and explore flexible working, family oriented working conditions as well as integrating extracurricular activities into the working week.

Cash as the only form of reward is outdated. People are looking for a range of rewards that can be anything from financial security to being able to contribute to the things they care about. What do smart incentives have to look like and how can organisations ensure that the incentives are aligned to their sustainability agenda? Employees need to see how sustainable development objectives are reflected in rewards and incentives. We help establish incentive systems that embrace social and environmental goals, performance appraisals and financial compensation.

Equality is about creating opportunities where everybody can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Diversity embraces group and individual differences to ensure everybody's needs are understood. We help to create HR strategies, processes and remuneration schemes free from patterns that may limit applicants' and employees' potential with regards to employability, training, promotion or fair treatment at the workplace and place positive value on diversity.

There are a lot of stereotypes about older people at work which need to be challenged especially with a view to tap into the full pool of competencies within an organisation. Retirement planning is all about good communication. Understanding how retirement will affect the organisation and its expertise, identifying how employees can be prepared for their life after retirement, how they can be kept involved and how they experience a “soft landing” as well as building retirement into career planning right from the start are all key areas for intervention.