"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi
Our Story
Working Visions Global is the progression of Working Visions Associates, a business that started out as a small consultancy delivering bespoke Human Resources Management solutions for a niche sector - the built environment – with a focus on architectural practices.

Working with passionate people and inspiring personalities in a creative environment we were not only able to contribute with our expertise but also learn from our clients, their employees and their organisation as a whole.

Through the work with renowned architects and exposure to people management in the world of design and urban planning, we were able to experience synergies and expand our thinking. That is what motivated us to move into other areas such as responsible tourism, community development and urban regeneration as well as projects on cultural competence.

The insights we gained as consultants, entrepreneurs and trainers inspired us to explore different avenues and horizons for further business and personal development. Driven by social change and sustainable development we wanted to create a business that combines all things we enjoy: passion for people and the environment, curiosity for different cultures, our skills as coaches and researchers.

It was the desire to think and work across borders which gave birth to "working visions global".

Global, because we believe organisations have to take a broad view and develop visions that embrace responsibility for social, environmental and economic outcomes no matter how big they are.

Innovative human resources management is core to this process and needs to take an  approach which recognises the need for people to be included.

We think that sustainability is a journey and an aspiration which requires responsible behaviour. This behaviour does neither start nor stop with environmental management systems but has to be intrinsic to how we work, how we manage and develop our teams, how we engage with employees, stakeholders and communities, what we produce, how we set up our processes and how we define accountability.

Working Visions Global would like to assist organisations on this journey.