"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi
Our Work - Special Projects
Our special projects aim at environmental, social and economic capacity building in host communities of tourism businesses. We see our role as supporting community stakeholders and facilitating the process of identifying opportunities and linkages with tourism to generate greater net benefits and minimise negative impacts on livelihoods.
Starting a new business is exciting and rewarding but equally challenging and requires enthusiasm and perseverance. As an entrepreneur you have to be honest about your skills, resources and capabilities as well as those of your collaborators. We mentor innovative business start-ups, assist in developing business opportunities and business plans as well as help setting up the operational basics.

Community Capacity Building

The decision making power communities have over developments in their locality are determined by a variety of factors. Some of these will depend on the ability to organise and formalise economic activities, the structure and cohesiveness of a community, the ability to deal with conflict and reach consensus as well as the skills and competencies available. Our work aims to facilitate knowledge sharing and building capacities based on existing strengths to enable communities to actively take decisions that impact on their daily lives.

Local economic development is not just about generating jobs and enhancing local economic activity. It is about creating sustainable employment and delivering benefits for the well being of all stakeholders and not just a select few. Supporting small businesses in particular and targeting disadvantaged groups who also have a stake in local economic development plays a key role in our work.