"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi
Our Work - Training And Development
We offer bespoke in-house training courses offering you to shape the content and language to reflect the culture of your organisation. We understand that people have different ways of learning and engaging with new topics. It is our aim to identify the right learning methods and match them with your teams learning needs. This could be an interactive training seminar, a programme involving peer learning or even exposure to practical situations.

Our training courses cover everything you need to develop a comprehensive recruitment and selection process. We look at how to include sustainable issues in your job descriptions and interview materials, how to translate those into "positive indicators" and how to shortlist the most competent candidates. We will provide you with interview techniques and monitoring systems that ensure that your team is representative of the community you work in.

Differing cultural perceptions can inflict on teamwork, motivation and productivity. Understanding our own value systems and those of the people we work with can create innovative synergies. Our training is designed to build on diversity and increase organisational learning on the whole.

Our training is directed at giving participants hands-on tools for implementing employee engagement programmes in their organisations. In our sessions we are looking among other areas at how to "translate" a company vision for everybody, understand which competencies are needed to instil change and which are the sources of your team's motivation. We want to enable our clients to develop participative interventions to not only engage their teams but also to enthuse them to actively embrace change and be accountable for its success.

Whether an appraisal is successful or not will depend on whether it is the right tool for what an organisation aims to achieve. In our training programmes we cover the development of skills and competencies, look at different techniques to conduct the appraisal interview and use language that encourages your team members as well as how to deal with difficult appraisal situations.

Conflict can take all kinds of forms. It can be a conflict between team members, team leaders and their staff or between various groups within an organisation. If conflict is not managed, it can impact on motivation, productivity and health of the team members as well as on the well being of the organisation as a whole. Our courses help to turn negative into positive and to understand how difficult matters can be communicated and what can be done to change the situation effectively.

We offer leadership coaching for people who want the rigour and support of reflecting and reviewing, strategising and planning - making conscious choices as they move towards their personal and professional goals in life. During the sessions, either on the telephone or face to face, clients will work closely with the coach, enabling you to move towards your chosen objective.